Specialty Cast Steel Ltd. is the exclusive North American representative of Fonderia Ghise e Acciai Speciali S.P.A. (F.G.S.) of Treviglio, Italy.

F.G.S. was founded in 1952 and they have been dedicated ever since to the specialized production of heat-resisting castings and assemblies. Over many years, the experts at F.G.S. have developed countless unique designs and metallurgical advancements. Many times a problem that is new to any particular customer has already been encountered and solved by F.G.S.

Today the modern production and control facilities located in four plants all around Treviglio, a few miles east of Milan; Italy, allow F.G.S. to supply castings and components for high-temperature service. These castings, which are produced in a wide range of standard and proprietary Iron-, Nickel- and Cobalt- base alloys are normally supplied fully machined, assembled, tested and ready for installation.

F.G.S. has specialized in supplying to the primary steel industry providing all types of castings, including centrifugally cast rollers and radiant tubes, to steel mills around the world. Other major industries served include cement works and furnace companies.

Specialty Cast Steel Ltd, or the predecessor company Specialty Cast Metals Ltd, has been providing North American industries with the products of F.G.S. for over 25 years. S. C. S. has specialized in the unique HW 20-13S exit or runnout table rollers that have become the roller exclusively used by Canadian hot strip mills.

S.C.S. allows North American customers to order with ease and confidence by taking care of all logistics including traffic, duties, currency conversion, warehousing and order control / expediting. The North American customer benefits from a seamless and service oriented relationship since all quotations are provided on a basis of F.O.B. delivered, duty paid and local currencies. This allows our North American customers to really appreciate the competitive pricing and convenient lead times.

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